IC / 2062 / TPS2062 / SOP-8

تولید کننده: Texas Instruments
مدل کالا: TPS2062
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان

TPS2062-Texas Instruments -SOP-8-2062

Doubling the Power With Ganged TPS2062/TPS2066

دو برابر قدرت

General Description


The TPS2062 and TPS2066 devices are dual-channel, 1-A, power-distribution switches that are intended for applications where heavy capacitive loads and short circuits are likely to be encountered. These devices incorporate 70-mW, N-channel MOSFET power switches for power-distribution systems that require multiple power switches in a single package. When the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short is present, the device limits the output current to a safe level by switching into a constant-current mode, pulling the overcurrent logic output low. The current limit for each power switch is set at 1.5 A, typically. When continuous heavy overloads and short circuits increase the power dissipation in the switch, causing the junction temperature to rise, a thermal protection circuit shuts off the switch to prevent damage

Recovery from a thermal shutdown is automatic once the device has cooled sufficiently. Internal circuitry ensures that the switch remains off until valid input voltage is present  While the 1-A continuous current for one switch can provide up to 5 W of power to the switch output, it may still not be enough for some applications. A simple solution is to gang the two power switches in one package by connecting the two output pins together. Mathematically, this can double the power to a load. However, if voltage drops, switch impedances, and/or thermal distributions are different between the two channels, the currents in the two power switches will be imbalanced. A current imbalance could cause one power path to run away until breakdown or over-heating occurs. This application report shows that the TPS2062 and TPS2066 switches can share the current almost equally when the switches are ganged and effectively double the power outage compared to an individual single switch


Doubling Power to Load


Because the bias voltage for the two switches of the TPS2062 or the TPS2066 are the same as their inputs are tied together internally in the device, the major factors that affect current sharing are the turnon resistance (Rdson), thermal sensing circuits, and the layout of the two power switches of the device. Due to the symmetrical layout design of the devices, the Rdson of the two switches match well, as does the thermal sensing (based on simulation and product test results). In order to verify the ganging performance, a test circuit was developed



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