IC / APW8720B / SOP-8 / SOP-8

تولید کننده: ANPEC
مدل کالا: SOP-8
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


Single Buck Voltage Mode PWM Controller

The APW8720B is a voltage mode, fixed 300kHz switching frequency, synchronous buck converter. The APW8720B allows wide input voltage that is either a single 5~12V or two supply voltage(s) for various applications. A ( APW8720B ) power-on-reset (POR) circuit monitors the VCC supply voltage to prevent wrong logic controls. A built-in soft-start ( APW8720B ) circuit prevents the output voltages from overshoot as-well as limits the input current. An internal 0.8V temperature compensated reference voltage with high accuracy is ( APW8720B ) designed to meet the requirement of low output voltage applications. The APW8720B provides excellent ( APW8720B ) output voltage regulations against load current variation.Simplified Application Circuit The controller’s over-current protection monitors the output current by using the ( APW8720B ) voltage drop across the RDS(ON) of low-side MOSFET, eliminating the need for a current sensing resistor that ( APW8720B ) features high efficiency and low cost. In addition, the APW8720B also integrates excellent protection functions: The ( APW8720B ) over-voltage protection (OVP) , undervoltage protection (UVP). OVP circuit which monitors the,FB voltage to prevent the PWM output from over-voltage and UVP circuit which ( APW8720B ) monitors the FB voltage to prevent the PWM output from under-voltage or short-circuit The APW8720B is available in SOP-8P and TDFN3x3-10 package


Wide 5V to 12V Supply ( APW8720B ) Voltage

Voltage Mode PWM ( APW8720B ) Operation with External Compensation

9V Driver Voltage for BOOT ( APW8720B ) Supply with Internal

Drive Dual Low ( APW8720B ) Cost N-MOSFETs with Adaptive Dead-Time Control

Power Good ( APW8720B ) Monitoring (TDFN-10 3mmx3mm Package Only


Graphic ( APW8720B ) Cards
 DSL, ( APW8720B ) Switch HUB
 Wireless ( APW8720B ) Lan
 Notebook ( APW8720B ) Computer
 Mother ( APW8720B ) Board
LCD ( APW8720B ) Monitor/TV


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