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Amtech Flux LF-4300-TF Original 10CC

Introducing LF-4300 (lead-free) and 4300 (tin-lead), two revolutionary synthetic solder pastes that offer such unparalleled versatility and forgiveness, we still don’t believe it

Both the LF-4300 and the 4300 offer true multi-process capabilities, ideal for no-clean applications and also water washable, able to be cleaned using standard aqueous cleaning systems without saponification. Both formulas also utilize synthetic materials that deliver ideal printing characteristics, unparalleled lot-to-lot consistency and extremely long stencil life. When used as a no-clean, their flux residue remains clear and meets S.I.R. requirements as per IPC-TM-650.2.6.33. Unique features of LF-4300 and 4300 solder paste include

No-Clean and Water Washable / one product for both processes

LF-4300 complies with RoHS directive 2002/95/EC and is suitable for high temp. alloys up to 300ºC

REL0 flux classification

No mid-chip beading

Low voiding

12-hour stencil life

24-hour abandonment time

Pin Probable for ICT inspection

Compatible with AOI inspection

Works well in convection and vapor phase processes

Both the LF-4300 and the 4300 feature 12-hour stencil life and 24-hour abandonment time so PC assemblers can change shifts or experience prolonged downtime without jeopardizing production yields. The LF-4300 also meets RoHS directive 2002/95/EC with lead content guaranteed at <400ppm

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