IC / F71889F / QFP-128 /

تولید کننده: Fintek
مدل کالا: QFP-128
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان
The F71889F which is the featured IO chip for new generational PC system is equipped with one IEEE 1284 parallel port, two UART ports, KBC, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI),80-Port, SIR, VID controller and one FDC. The F71889 integrated with hardware monitor, 9sets of voltage sensor, 3 sets of creative auto-controlling fans and 3 temperature sensor pinsfor the accurate dual current type temp. measurement for CPU thermal diode or external
The F71889F provides flexible features for multi-directional application. For instance,supports Bus Interface pins, provides 59 GPIO pins (multi-pin), IRQ sharing ( F71889F ) function also designed in UART feature for particular usage and accurate current mode H/W monitor will be ( F71889F ) worth in measurement of temperature, provides 3 modes fan speed control mechanism included Manual Mode/Speed ( F71889F ) Mode/Temperat ure Mode for users’ selection.
Additionally, integrated SPI interface, 80-Port, and 5VDUAL voltage switch switch and adjustable voltage ( F71889F ) reference outputs related functions. The SPI interface is for BIOS usage including
bridge function (Supports up to 16M), and the 80-Port is for engineering and debuging usage. F71889F also provides 5V dual controller and some voltage reference outputs for system application. Others, theF71889F supports newest AMD new interface TSI and Intel PECI 1.1/SST interfaces for temperature reading. These
features will help you more and improve product value. Finally, the F71889F is powered by 3.3V voltage, with the LPC interfacein the package of 128-QFP green package
5V Dual Voltage Switch
  - Provide ACPI-compliant ( F71889F ) 5VDUAL voltage switch
  - 5VDUAL for ( F71889F ) USB/Keyboard/Mouse application
Adjustable Voltage Reference Outputs
  - Enable pin for ( F71889F ) VREF2 and 3 Voltage Reference
Output control
  - 0.9V default ( F71889F ) output on VREF1~3 pins
  - Adjustable ( F71889F ) voltage range from 0~2.295V


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