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تولید کننده: Intersil
مدل کالا: QFN
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


Monolithic Dual PWM Hybrid Controller Powering AMD SVI Split-Plane and PVI Uniplane Processors

The ISL6324ACRZ dual PWM controller delivers high efficiency and tight regulation from two synchronous buck DC/DC converters. The ISL6324ACRZ supports hybrid power control of AMD processors which operate ( ISL6324ACRZ ) from either a 6-bit parallel VID interface (PVI) or a serial VID interface (SVI). The dual output ISL6324ACRZ features a multi-phase controller to support uniplane VDD core voltage and a single phase controller to power the Northbridge (VDDNB) in SVI mode. Only the ( ISL6324ACRZ ) multi-phase controller is active in PVI mode to support uniplane VDD only processors

The ISL6324ACRZ supports Power Savings Mode by dropping phases when the PSI_L bit is set. The number of phases that the ISL6324ACRZ  will drop to is programmable through an I2C interface. The number of PWM ( ISL6324ACRZ ) cycles between both dropping phases when entering Power Savings Mode and adding phases when exiting Power Savings ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Mode is also programmable through the I2C interface

The ISL6324ACRZ I2C interface also allows independent ( ISL6324ACRZ  ) programmable output voltage offset for both the Core and North Bridge regulators. The I2C interface can also be used to set ( ISL6324ACRZ ) the PGOOD and OVP trip levels for both regulators as well


Configuration ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Flexibility

   1or 2-Phase Operation with ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Internal Drivers

3or 4-Phase ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Operation with External PWM Drivers

Parallel VID (6-bit) Interface ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Inputs for PVI Mode

Differential Remote ( ISL6324ACRZ ) Voltage Sensing


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