IC / IT8718F-S HXS GB / QFP-128 /

تولید کننده: ITE
مدل کالا: QFP-128
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


The IT8718F-S HXS GB is a highly integrated Super I/O using the Low Pin Count Interface. TheIT8718F-S HXS GB provides the most commonly used legacy Super I/O functionality plus the latest Environment ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) Control initiatives, including H/W Monitor, Fan Speed Controller. The device’s LPC interface ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) complies with Intel “LPC Interface Specification Rev. 1.0”. The IT8718F-S HXS GB is ACPI & LANDesk compliant.
The IT8718F-S HXS GB features an enhanced hardware monitor providing 3 thermal inputs from remote thermal resistors, or thermal diode or diode-connected transistor (2N3904). The device ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) employs ITE’s innovative intelligent automatic Fan ON/OFF & speed control functions (SmartGuardian) to protect the system while ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) reducing the system noise and power consumption.
ntegrated in the IT8718F-S HXS GB are 7 logical devices. One high-performance 2.88MB floppy disk controller, with digital data separator, supporting two drives in 360K/ 720K/ 1.2M/ 1.44M/ 2.88M format. One ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) multi-mode high-performance parallel port supporting ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) the bi-directional Standard Parallel Port (SPP), the Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP V. 1.7 and EPP V. 1.9), and the IEEE 1284 compliant ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). Two 16C550 standard compatible enhanced UARTs ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) perform asynchronous communication, and also support an IR interface. The device also features one fan speed ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) controller which controls 3 and monitors 5 fans, and 6 GPIO ports controlling up to 48 GPIO pins. The IT8718F-S HXS GB also has an integrated Keyboard Controlle
These 7 logical devices can be individually enabled or ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) disabled via software configuration registers. The IT8718F-S HXS GB utilizes power-saving ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) circuitry to reduce power consumption, and once a logical device is disabled the inputs are inhibited with the clock disabled and the outputs are tri-stated. ( IT8718F-S HXS GB ) The device requires a single 24/48 MHz clock input and operates with +5V power supply. The IT8718F-S HXS GB is available in 128-pin QFP (Quad Flat Package)


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