IC / KBC1122-AJZS / QFN /

تولید کننده: SMSC
مدل کالا: QFN
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


The KBC1122-AJZS is an integrated Keyboard/System Management Controller which incorporates a high- performance 8051 Micro-Controller, an LPC Bus Interface which provides a Firmware Hub ( KBC1122-AJZS ) Interface and integrated Super I/O/LPC Resources. The KBC1122-AJZS is powered by two separate supply planes (VCC1, VCC0) to provide “instanton” and sophisticated system power management functions. The KBC1122-AJZS power control circuitry suppor ts multiple low power-down modes.
The KBC1122-AJZS incorporates a Direct Battery Management (DBM) with SMSC SentinelAlert! accessible by the
8051. Together with external remote temperature sensor(s) can provide ( KBC1122-AJZS ) complete Analog Monitoring & Control System. The KBC1122-AJZS DBM includes an 8 channel ADC, a 3 channel DAC with SMSC SentinelAlert! and up to 2 SMSC Sentinel Alert! GPIO's, two channel one-pin Temperature Sensor ( KBC1122-AJZS ) Communication Links, and a hardware protect output that requires no programming or 8051 intervention to operate
The KBC1122-AJZS incorporates a Standby Power Reset Generator (RESGEN) which monitors the VCC1 power input
and generates the internal VCC1 power on reset for theKBC1122-AJZS. The KBC1122-AJZS also outputs VCC1RST#
which can be used to reset the ( KBC1122-AJZS ) Flash memory on the Shared Flash Interface (SFI).
3.3V Operation ( KBC1122-AJZS ) with 5V Tolerant Buffers
Integrated Standby ( KBC1122-AJZS ) Power Reset Generator
Three independent ( KBC1122-AJZS ) Hardware Driven PS/2 Ports


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