IC / 8731AE / MAX8731AE / QFN-28

تولید کننده: MAXIM
مدل کالا: MAX8731AE
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


The MAX8731A is an SMBus™ programmable multichemistry battery charger. The MAX8731A uses a minimal command set to easily program the charge voltage, charge current, and adapter current limit.
The MAX8731A charges one to four Li+ series cells and delivers up to 8A charge current. The MAX8731A drives n-channel MOSFETs for improved efficiency and reduced cost. Low-offset current-sense amplifiers provide high accuracy with 10mΩ ( MAX8731A ) sense resistors. The MAX8731A current-sense amplifiers provide high accuracy (3% at 3.5A) and also provide fast cycle-bycycle current-mode control to protect against battery short circuit ( MAX8731A ) and system load transients. The charger employs dual remote sense, which reduces charge time ( MAX8731A ) by measuring the feedback voltage directly at the battery, improving accuracy of initial transition ( MAX8731A )into constant-voltage mode. The MAX8731A provides 0.5% battery voltage accuracy directly at the battery terminal. The MAX8731A provides a digital output ( MAX8731A ) that indicates the presence of the AC adapter, as well as an analog output that indicates the adapter current within 4% accuracy. The MAX8731A is available in a small 5mm x 5mm, 28 pin, thin (0.8mm) QFN package. An evaluation kit is available to reduce design time. The MAX8731A is available in a lead-free package


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