IC / MAX1617 / MAX1617AMEE / SOP-16

تولید کننده: MAXIM
مدل کالا: MAX1617AMEE
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان

MAX1617 - MAX1617AMEE - MAXIM - SOP-16

Remote/Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus Serial Interface

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General Description

The MAX1617 is a precise digital thermometer that reports the temperature of both a remote sensor and its own package. The remote sensor is a diode-connected transistor—typically a low-cost, easily mounted 2N3904 NPN type—that replaces conventional thermistors or thermocouples. Remote accuracy is ±3°C for multiple transistor manufacturers, with no calibration needed The remote channel can also measure the die temperature of other ICs, such as microprocessors, that contain an on-chip, diode-connected transistor.
The 2-wire serial interface accepts standard System Management Bus (SMBus) Write Byte, Read Byte, Send Byte, and Receive Byte commands to program the alarm thresholds and to read temperature data. The data format is 7 bits plus sign, with each bit corresponding to 1°C, in twos-complement format. Measurements can be done automatically and autonomously, with the conversion rate programmed by the user or programmed to operate in a single-shot mode. The adjustable rate allows the user to control the supply-current drain The MAX1617 is available in a small, 16-pin QSOP surface mount package.


Two Channels: Measures Both Remote and Local
No Calibration Required
SMBus 2-Wire Serial Interface
Programmable Under/Overtemperature Alarms
Supports SMBus Alert Response
±2°C (+60°C to +100°C, local)
±3°C (-40°C to +125°C, local)
±3°C (+60°C to +100°C, remote)
3μA (typ) Standby Supply Current
70μA (max) Supply Current in Auto-Convert Mode
+3V to +5.5V Supply Range
Small, 16-Pin QSOP Package


Desktop and Notebook Central Office
Computers Telecom Equipment
Smart Battery Packs Test and Measurement
LAN Servers Multi-Chip Modules
Industrial Controls

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