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تولید کننده: nuvoTon
مدل کالا: TQFP-128
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


LPC Super I/O for Desktop & Server


The NCT6776F / NCT6776D is a member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O product line. The NCT6776F / NCT6776D monitors several critical parameters in PC hardware, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures. In terms of temperature monitoring, the NCT6776F / NCT6776D adopts the Current Mode (dual current source) and thermistor sensor approach. The NCT6776F /NCT6776D  also supports the Smart Fan control system, ( NCT6776D ) including “SMART FANTM I and SMART FANTM IV, which makes the system more stable and userfriendly. The NCT6776F / NCT6776D supports four – 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M, or 2.88M – disk drive types and data transfer rates of 250 Kb/s, 300 Kb/s, 500 Kb/s, 1 Mb/s, and 2 Mb/s. The disk drive adapter ( NCT6776D ) supports the functions of floppy disk drive controller (compatible with the industry standard 82077/ 765), data separator, write ( NCT6776D ) precompensation circuit, decode logic, data rate selection, clock generator, drive interface control logic, and interrupt and DMA logic. Such a wide range of functions integrated into one NCT6776F / NCT6776D greatly reduce the number of required components to interface with floppy disk drives. The NCT6776F / NCT6776D provides two high-speed serial communication port (UART), which includes a 16- byte send/receive FIFO, a programmable baud rate generator, complete ( NCT6776D ) modem-control capability, and a processor interrupt system. The UART supports legacy speeds up to 115.2K bps as well as even higher baud rates of 230K, 460K, or 921K bps to support higher speed modems. The NCT6776F / NCT6776D supports the PC-compatible printer port (SPP), the bi-directional printer port (BPP),the enhanced parallel port (EPP) and the extended capabilities port (ECP). The NCT6776F / NCT6776D supports keyboard and mouse interface which is 8042-based keyboard controller



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