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تولید کننده: NXP
مدل کالا: PDIUSBD12
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


USB interface device with parallel bus



The PDIUSBD12 is a cost and feature optimized USB device. It is normally used in microcontroller based systems and communicates with the system microcontroller over the high-speed general purpose parallel interface. It also supports local DMA transfer.

This modular approach to implementing a USB interface allows the designer to choose the optimum system microcontroller from the available wide variety. This flexibility cuts down the development time, risks, and costs by allowing the use of the existing architecture and minimize firmware investments. This results in the fastest way to develop the most cost effective USB peripheral solution .

The PDIUSBD12 fully conforms to the USB specification Rev. 2.0 (basic speed). It is also designed to be compliant with most device class specifications: Imaging Class Mass Storage Devices, Communication Devices, Printing Devices, and Human Interface Devices. As such, the PDIUSBD12 is ideally suited for many peripherals like Printer, Scanner, External Mass Storage (Zip Drive), Digital Still Camera, etc. It offers an immediate cost reduction for applications that currently use SCSI implementations

The PDIUSBD12 low suspend power consumption along with the LazyClock output allows for easy implementation of equipment that is compliant to the ACPI , OnNOW™, and USB power management requirements. The low operating power allows the implementation of bus powered peripherals In addition, it also incorporates features like SoftConnect™, GoodLink , programmable clock output, low frequency crystal oscillator, and integration of termination resistors. All of these features contribute to significant cost savings in the system implementation and at the same time ease the implementation of advanced USB functionality into the peripherals .



Complies with the Universal Serial Bus specification Rev. 2.0 (basic speed)

High performance USB interface device with integrated SIE, FIFO memory, transceiver and voltage regulator

Compliant with most Device Class specifications High-speed (2 Mbytes/s) parallel interface to any external microcontroller or microprocessor Fully autonomous DMA operation Integrated 320 bytes of multi-configuration FIFO memoryDouble buffering scheme for main endpoint increases throughput and eases real-time data transfer Data transfer rates: 1 Mbytes/s achievable in Bulk mode, 1 Mbits/s achievable in Isochronous mode Bus-powered capability with very good EMI performance

Controllable LazyClock output during suspend

n Software controllable connection to the USB bus (SoftConnect™)

n Good USB connection indicator that blinks with traffic (GoodLink™)

Programmable clock frequency output Complies with the ACPI, OnNOW and USB power management requirements Internal Power-on reset and low-voltage reset circuit Available in SO28 and TSSOP28 pin packages Full industrial grade operation from -40 to +85 °C Higher than 8 kV in-circuit ESD protection lowers cost of extra components Full-scan design with high fault coverage (>99%) ensures high quality Operation with dual voltages 3.3 ±0.3 V or extended 5 V supply range of 4.0 to 5.5 V Multiple interrupt modes to facilitate both bulk and isochronous transfers .


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