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تولید کننده: SiTI
مدل کالا: DIP
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان

PS113 – SITI – DIP

3-Channel Secondary Monitoring IC

سه کانال اختصاصی ثانویه

General Description


PS113 is specially designed for switching power supply system. Three important functions of PS113 are the following: over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and power good signal generatin

OVP (Over Voltage Protection) monitors 5V, 12V and 3.3V to protect our power supply and PC, when one of these supply voltages exceeds their normal operation voltage

Short circuit protection is done by UVP (Under Voltage Protection). When power supply is in short circuit, the supply voltages will be much smaller than their normal operation voltages .We can use UVP to monitor our power supply whether it is in the dangerous power load Power good signal generating notifies personal computer when power supply is ready or power supply is going to shutdown, therefore it can provide a reliable power supply environment




Over voltage protection and lock out

Short circuit protection and lock out

Fault protection output with open drain output stage

Open drain power good output signal for power good input

Built-in 300ms power good delay

75ms delay for short-circuit turn on protection

38ms PSON control de-bounce

73us de-bounce for noise immunity

Wide power supply range from 4V to 16V

Pin to pin compatible with TPS3510

Special care for AC power off

Additional 12V UVP protection

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