IC / 51518 / TPS51518 / QFN-20

تولید کننده: Texas Instruments
مدل کالا: TPS51518
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


Single-Phase, D-CAP™ and D-CAP2™ Controller with 2-Bit Flexible VID Control

کنترل کننده تکفاز با ورودی دو بیتی


• Differential Voltage Feedback 

• DC Compensation for Accurate Regulation 

• Wide Input Voltage Range: 3 V to 28 V

• Flexible, 2-Bit VID Supports Output Voltage

  from 0.5 V to 2.0 V

Adaptive On-Time Modulation with Selectable 

Control Architecture D-CAP2™ 

– D-CAP™ Mode at 350 kHz for Fast Transient Response 

– D-CAP2™ Mode at 350 kHz for 

Ultra-Low/Low ESR Output Capacitor 

• 4700 ppm/°C, Low-Side R levels are desired. DS(on) Current Sensing

• Programmable Soft-Start Time and Output 

Voltage Transition Time 

• Built-In Output Discharge 

• Power Good Output 

• Integrated Boost Switch 

• Built-In OVP/UVP/OCP

• Thermal Shutdown (Non-latched) 

28 V, and output voltages adjustable from 0.5 V to

• 3 mm × 3 mm, 20-Pin, QFN (RUK) Package


 • Notebook Computers

 • GFX Supplies

 • System Agent for Intel Chief River Platform


 The TPS51518 is a single phase, D-CAP™/

 D-CAP2™ synchronous buck controller with 2-bit VID

inputs which can select up to four independent

 externally programmable output voltage levels where

 full external programmability in the voltage level, step

setting and voltage transition slew rate is desired. It is

 used for GFX applications where multiple voltage

The TPS51518 supports all POS/SPCAP and/or all

 ceramic MLCC output capacitor options in

applications where remote sense is a requirement.

 Tight DC load regulation is achieved through external

 programmable integrator capacitor.

 The TPS51518 provides full protection suite,

 including OVP, OCL, 5-V UVLO and thermal

 shutdown. It supports the conversion voltage up to

28 V, and output voltages adjustable from 0.5 V to2 V.

The TPS51518 is available in the 3 mm × 3 mm,

QFN, 0.4-mm pitch package and is specified

from –10°C to 105°C.

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