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تولید کننده: VIA
مدل کالا: BGA
تماس 8893- 6186
قیمت: 0تومان


The VT8237 South Bridge is a high integration, high performance, power-efficient, and high comp atibility device that supports Intel and non-Intel based processor to V-Link bus bridge ( VT8237 ) functi onality to make a complete Microsoft PC2001-compliant PCI/LPC system. The VT8237 includes standard intelligent peripheral controllers
- Serial ATA dual channel controller with RAID capability.
- Master mode enhanced IDE controller ( VT8237 ) with dual channel DMA engine and interlaced dual  channelcommands.Dedicated FIFO coupled with scatter ( VT8237 ) and gather master mode operation allows high performance transfers between PCI and IDE devices. In addition to standard PIO and DMA mode operation, the VT8237 also supports the UltraDMA-133,100, 66, and 33 standards to allow reliable data transfer at rates up to 133 MB/sec. The IDE controller is SFF-8038i v1.0 and Microsoft Windows-family compliant
- IEEE 802.3 compliant 10 / 100 Mbps PCI bus master ( VT8237 ) Ethernet MAC with standard MII interface to external PHYceiver.
- Universal Serial Bus controller that is USB v2.0 / 1.1 and Universal HCI v2.0 / 1.1 compliant. The VT8237 includes four root hubs with eight function ports with ( VT8237 ) integrated physical layer transceivers. The USB controller allows hot plug and play and ( VT8237 ) isochronous peripherals to be inserted into the system with universal driver support. The controller also implements legacy ( VT8237 ) keyboard and mouse support so legacy software can run transparently in a ( VT8237 ) non-USB-aware OS environment.
- Integrated bus-mastering dual full-duplex direct-sound AC97-link-compatible ( VT8237 ) sound system
- Full System ( VT8237 ) Management Bus (SMBus) interface
- Keyboard controller ( VT8237 ) with PS2 mouse support.
- Real Time Clock ( VT8237 ) with 256 byte extended CMOS. In additi
on to the standard ISA RTC functionality, the integrated RTC alsoincludes ( VT8237 ) the date alarm, century field, and other enhancements for ( VT8237 ) compatibility with the ACPI standard
- Notebook-class power management functionality ( VT8237 ) compliant with ACPI and legacy APM requirements. Multiple sleep states(power-on suspend, ( VT8237 ) suspend-to-DRAM, and suspend-to-Disk) are supported with hardware automatic wake-up. Additional functionality includes event monitoring, CPU clock throttling and stop (Intel processor protocol), PCI bus clock stop ( VT8237 ) control, modular power, clock and leakage control, hardware-based and software-based ( VT8237 ) event handling, general purpose I/O, chip select and external SMI
- Plug and Play controller that allows complete steerability of ( VT8237 ) all PCI interrupts and internal interrupts / DMA channels to any interrupt channel. One ( VT8237 ) additional steerable interrupt channel is provided to allow plug and play and reconfigurability ( VT8237 ) of on-board peripherals for Windows family compliance
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