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  1. Adopt liner slide which makes X,Y,Z axis all can do precision adjustment or fast positioning, with high positioning accuracy and fast maneuverability .
  2. ZM-R5860C has High definition touch screen (Taiwan) , PCL control, can save multiple groups profile, password protection and modify function, and can save multiple groups profile, equipped with instant temperature curve analysis function .
  3. There are 3 independent heating areas from top to bottomin ZM-R5860C . The 1st and 2nd are hot-air heaters, the 3rd is IR preheating, temperature controlled within ±3 °c; Top heater can be adjusted freely, second heater can be adjusted up and down, top and bottom temperature can control many groups and sections of temperature parameters at the same time; the power consumption of the third IR heater can be adjusted .
  4. ZM-R5860C Offer all kinds of hot-air nozzles, it can rotate 360°c. With magnet, easy to install and change, customized is available; Bottom IR heater ensure an even heat for PCB board .
  5. Choose imported high-precision K-type thermocouple, closed loop control and automatic temperature compensation system, combined with PLC module for the precision control of temperature .
  6. Use a V-groove equipped with a flexible fixture for PCB positioning to protect the PCB from deformation when heated or cooled, and it can rework any BGA package size .
  7. ZM-R5860C has Powerful cross-flow fan rapidly cool the PCB board to improve efficiency; Also built-in vacuum pump and external vacuum suction pen, pick up the chips rapidly .
  8. After finishing desoldering & soldering, there is an alarming and alarming in advance .
  9. ZM-R5860C has CE certificate, with emergency stop and Automatic power-off protection device when abnormal accident happens, with a double over-heating protection control .



ZM-R5860C Specifications and technical parameters

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