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IC / IT8518E HXA / QFP /

تولید کننده: ITE
مدل کالا: QFP
قیمت: 0تومان


The IT8518E HXA is a highly integrated embedded controller with system functions suitable for mobile system applications. The IT8518E HXA directly interfaces to the LPC bus ( IT8518E HXA ) and provides ACPI embedded controller function, keyboard controller (KBC) and matrix ( IT8518E HXA ) scan, external flash interface ( IT8518E HXA ) for system BIOS and EC code, PWM, ADC and SmartAuto Fan control for hardware monitor, PS/2 interface for external keyboard/mouse ( IT8518E HXA ) devices, RTC, BRAM, CIR and system ( IT8518E HXA ) wake up functions for system power management. It also supports the external flash or EPROM) to be shared by ( IT8518E HXA ) the host and EC side



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