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IC / UP0109P / SOP-8 /

تولید کننده: UPI
مدل کالا: SOP-8
قیمت: 0تومان


The UP0109P is an ultra low dropout linear regulator specifically designed to provide termination voltage for DDR memory ( UP0109P ) system. Designed with low on-resistance NMOSFETs, this device is capable of sinking/sourcing up to 2A output ( UP0109P ) current.

This device works with dual supplies, a control ( UP0109P ) input for the control circuitry and a power ( UP0109P ) input as low as 1.0V for providing current to output. The output voltage is tightly regulated to track reference voltage input within 20mV variation with fast to line/load ( UP0109P ) transient.

Other features include ( UP0109P ) chip shutdown function, soft-start, on-chip thermal protection, and bi-directional current ( UP0109P ) limit protection. The uP0109 is ( UP0109P ) available in PSOP-8 and FSOP-8 packages with very low thermal resistance


Generate Termination ( UP0109P ) Voltage for DDR Memory Interface

Output ( UP0109P ) Voltage Traces Reference Input

Capable of Sinking/Sourcing ( UP0109P ) 2A

Integrated ( UP0109P ) Low RDS(ON) MOSFETs

Excellent Line and Load ( UP0109P ) Regulation

Low ( UP0109P ) External Part Count

Bidirectional Current Limit ( UP0109P ) Protection


Desktop PCs, Notebooks, and ( UP0109P ) Workstations

Graphic ( UP0109P ) Cards

Low Voltage Logic ( UP0109P ) Supplies

Microprocessor and ( UP0109P ) Chipset Supplies

Split Plane ( UP0109P ) Microprocessor Supplies

Advanced ( UP0109P ) Graphics Cards Supplies

SoundCards and Auxiliary Power ( UP0109P ) Supplies

SMPS ( UP0109P ) Post Regulators



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